Public Transport in the Sulmona Valley – A User Guide

There’s a particular satisfaction in spending a day out walking knowing that you didn’t use a private car in the process. And if you live in Sulmona or are based there for a while then it is very achieveable. The Sulmona valley has a well-established public transport network and a walking holiday here for a … Continue reading "Public Transport in the Sulmona Valley – A User Guide"

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GPX Files and What To Do With Them

When you download a walk from our catalogue two files are copied to your device (your smartphone, tablet, laptop etc…):  a document which is a description of the walk, containing formatted text and images, in the portable document format (pdf)  a text file which is a list of the sequential route waypoints, each defined as GPS … Continue reading "GPX Files and What To Do With Them"

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Route Publication Hits 50% Target

Well, we’ve been busy this past couple of months – planning, walking, writing and publishing. I’m very pleased that we have reached our half-way route publication target with a couple of weeks to spare. Hooray! There are now 10 walks completed and available for download from the catalogue on the Sulmona Valley Walks website. Check … Continue reading "Route Publication Hits 50% Target"

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