Time For a (Little) Walk

Today’s the Day!

Most of us have been at home sitting out the virus for many weeks but, if you’re like me, your mind will have been constantly wandering to the hills with dreams of a return to the peaks and paths of the Valle Peligna never far away. And today we take a big step nearer!

For about 7 weeks no one in Italy has been able to leave their house other than for a priority medical appointment, to go to an essential job and to buy basic groceries. And each time with a certificate justifying the time out of the house. To put it mildly this has been a considerable strain. But, finally, things are about to become a little easier.

From today, the 4th May, people are allowed to leave their home to go for a walk and for other forms of outside exercise, like a bike ride or a jog. There are some conditions though. For a walk you must set foot from your house, be on your own, observe social distance rules with anyone you encounter and, importantly, not leave the confines of your own comune. Though this still sounds restrictive, it is, in fact, a massive relief for many a fresh-air lover who has been cooped up for so long.

So, for example, if you live in Sulmona you could take a walk out to the eremo San’Onofrio on the Morrone or even up to the chapel of San Pietro. Or if you are in Pettorano you could take a day to explore the Santa Margherita valley and maybe climb up to Monte Genzana.

Organised group expeditions are still not allowed and the ‘comune boundaries’ restriction is going to rule out many of the routes in our catalogue but things will be reviewed again soon and we are hopeful that the virus situation will continue to improve and further relaxations will be made.

The decrees issued by the Prime Minister and the orders issued by the President of Abruzzo have been a little inconsistent and possibly contradictory. There is some confusion about whether the ‘commune boundaries’ restriction actually exists for walkers (as opposed to cyclists and horse riders) and is, in fact, a regional boundaries restriction. We’ll keep checking the news and post updates as we hear more!

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