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Hello Sulmona Valley Walkers!

Well, it’s Easter and you have no doubt been wondering how the Sulmona Valley Walks website is progressing! Here’s an update for you…

I have recently completed writing the 2nd Edition of my guidebook, “Walking in Abruzzo”, which is now with the publisher, Cicerone. It will be edited and laid out over the next few months with a view to going to print in the late summer / early autumn. When it will hit the shelves is up to Cicerone and their overall publishing schedule but, hopefully, before the end of the year.

I’m pleased with the new routes that will be in it and especially that it now has a separate section for the Sulmona Valley and Monte Genzana! Whilst this is mainly a reorganisation of existing routes in the area there is a new local one – Morrone di Pacentro and Monte Mileto – which is a circuit from Pacentro. Send me a message if you would like a sneak preview and to try it out pre-publication!

Having finished that job I have returned to Sulmona Valley Walks and am busy creating content. The free demonstration download has, of course, been available since last autumn and lots of people have taken it. Most encouraging! And thank you to those who have given me some feedback on how it looks. There is still snow on Serra Sparverra so I would be surprised if anyone has done the route yet but if you have (or when you do) let me know how it was. I’m always pleased to receive feedback! With publishing online I can quickly update and reissue descriptions if things on the ground have changed.

The description of the route up and around Colle Mitra is almost ready and will be the first ‘paid for’ download. It’s a local classic on the edge of Sulmona that people often ask about. It’s a reasonably easy half day and the view is wonderful! Also in production are the ‘Sentiero della Liberta from Sulmona to Campo di Giove’ and ‘San Pietro and Colle Vacche from Badia’.

Altogether I’m planning to publish 20 routes on the site this year which, when coupled with the six local walks in the new “Walking in Abruzzo”, will give us a rich pool of walks to enjoy from all corners of the valley. These are the 20 (don’t know the order that I’ll produce them in yet!):

  1. Traverse of Serra Sparverra from Rocca Pia
  2. Colle Mitra
  3. Sentiero della Liberta from Sulmona to Campo di Giove
  4. San Pietro and Colle Vacche from Badia
  5. Fonte d’Amore and Eremo Sant’ Onofrio
  6. Morrone di Pacentro from Marane
  7. Monte Rognone from Introdaqua
  8. Monte Playa from Introdaqua
  9. Campo di Giove to Pacentro circuit
  10. Bugnara to Anversa degli Abruzzi circuit
  11. Rifugio di Monte Mezzana from Anversa degli Abruzzi
  12. Rocca Pia and Pettorano sul Gizio
  13. Gole di Venanzio from Raiano
  14. Sorgenti del Fiume Pescara
  15. Raiano to Vittorito along the Aterno
  16. A Tour around Prezza
  17. Sulmona Centro Storico
  18. Cocullo to Goriano Sicoli
  19. Popoli and the Castle
  20. Popoli Centro Visita del Lupo


As I make progress I’ll send a further newsletter (subscribe if you haven’t already!). But please check the site and this blog from time to time – routes will go on as soon as they are ready. I have plotted all 20 routes on the map already so you can see where they are.

One thing I’ll write about soon is the condition of the Morrone eight months after the wild fires of last summer, particularly from a footpath and walking perspective. You may know that large areas of the forest were damaged but I am a great believer in the rejuvenative powers of nature. This has often happened over the years (in many ways a natural process despite the exact circumstances of how these fires began) – I am hopeful that spring growth will soon restore the ground to fresh greenness and that many trees were damaged but not killed and will recover.

Happy walking and enjoy the spring!


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